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Tips and tricks for how to paint a room yourself.

Updated: Feb 9

So you're looking to get the project done yourself huh?

Hey listen, I'm not going to condemn you for not calling us. We get it. (You could give us a call for a free quote though? lol)

Joking aside, your wanting to take on the task of repainting your home's interior.

You ask yourself, where do I even start!?

Assuming you already have your design and colors chosen we will start with the materials you will be needing. If you don't have a color chosen, check out our other blog to help you make your decision: Choosing your paint color is easy.

Okay, now back to this. Here is a list of materials that we recommend when painting a room.

I even went the extra mile and provided you with some links to check them out. ;) I got your back.

(We are privy to the brand Purdy for all of our painting supplies)

Supply List:

Drop Cloths - Buy on Amazon Here

Plastic Cover- Buy on Amazon Here

Painters Tape - Buy on Amazon Here

Sand paper - We recommend 180 then 220 grit

Caulk Gun - Buy on Amazon Here - We recommend not going for the cheapest one. Trust us.

Brush Cleaner - Buy on Amazon Here

Roller Cover - Buy on Amazon Here- Keep in mind the thickness really depends on the type of surface you will be painting. I have some insightful information on that topic for you below. **

Roller Frame - Buy on Amazon Here

Extension pole - Buy on Amazon Here

Paint Brushes - Buy on Amazon Here-The type of brush you will need will vary depending on the project type. Here is some more information on that: Purdy FAQ

Drydex - Buy on Amazon Here-This is for any patch work you may need to do.

Plastic Tray & Liners - Buy on Amazon Here

You can also purchase a kit like this one here at Sherwin Williams. It includes Two white dove 9 inch x 3/8 inch roller covers, XL glide 2 inch angular Brush, 9 inch roller Frame, Sturdy metal paint tray

**Roller thicknesses come in multiple size. I have broken down which surface is best to use for each size.

3/16 to 1/4" thickness would be ideal for painting interior doors, metal doors, & trim. 

3/8 to 1/2" thickness is the perfect size for drywalled walls and ceilings.

3/4 to 1" thickness is ideal for semi rough surface such as stucco.

1 1/4 to 1 1/2" is best used for rougher surfaces such as cinder blocks, brick and masonry.

Okay great we have everything we need!

Now onto the fun stuff.

You want to start by clearing the room to the best of your ability. Take down all pictures and remove all outlet covers. Next lay down your protection (drop cloths/plastic).

A very important step we cannot forget. Cleaning. We recommend wiping down all of the walls with a damp cloth and soap. By the time you finish, the wall you started with should be dry.

If don't plan on placing your room back to its complete original form you should remove all nails and fill them with the magic pink stuff (aka DryDex) This will require dry time.

During that time you apply painter tape to your trim. This will protect it from any paint specks that are caused by the roller.

Once all of your patched areas are fully dry, the plaster will turn white and you can lightly sand the area. Make sure you smooth out the edges.

From there you should prime the areas you placed DryDex.

Now onto painting!

We always cut the room. What we mean by that is, we take an angled brush and paint the borders of the walls. After the borders are done you can get rolling.

Make sure to lay the paint down in a zig-zag motion and never end on dry. Meaning always take your roller off of the wall on a wet area.

Another tip is to start your rolling motion in the middle of the wall. By doing this and going in the zig-zag motion, you will allow the roller to pick up the excess paint left by the first roll.

Let that dry for the recommended time on your paint bucket and apply the second coat.

If you used tape during this process we recommend that you swipe a utility knife between the tape and the wall to avoid any paint peeling prior to removing.

Now clean up and bam you just painted a room.

Have any questions or comments!? Feel free to reach out :)

Thanks for reading!

painted fireplace

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