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Whatsup With The Lumber?

Have you seen those memes … actually let me just show you.

These have been shared as a joke but in reality, it’s the sad truth. (Don’t get me wrong, the memes are still funny) This pandemic has rocked everyones world. It had most trapped within the walls of their own homes. People with apartments were now motivated to own a home which brought up lumber sales. Especially since the mortgage rates were at an all time low during the midst of the pandemic. People with yards built sheds and jungle gyms etc. The demand became high and with the lack of truck drivers, there is no way for the lumber that does exist to be delivered. Not to mention that lack of mills, which takes years to build. Current mills could amp up their production but yet again, lack of employees stand in the way. It has been said that the prices of lumber won't be going down for at least another year. This means that projects will become more expensive and remain that price for awhile.

From toilet paper shortages to lumber shortages and everything in between, weird times are upon us.

Here are some interesting articles on the rise in lumber costs:


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